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  1. I chose to bite the bullet and pay for OFO upgrade from my 7.6 license. Since I only do I/T when I must, I don't know what is best, but for backing up drive C to disk, windows DR seems fine. My main office uses VEAAM for the VR server backup and then uses Windows Server backup for the separate, physical backup server. As of 2008, windows backup can run on a schedule, but I think it is only disk to disk, and keeps one version as a big lump. I would not use it for 'data' backup, where I want multiple and individual file versions. It is to save the boot drive, and I am using other s/w (retro in my branch office here) to copy to tape to take off-site. Anyway, buying ofo gives me 2 different ways to restore if I have to. I once had a server failure and the backups were no good. I overspend a bit now in my dotage.
  2. Using Windows Single Server 8.5.0 (136), I back up 600K files onto an LTO5 tape (Win 2K12, Dell PE T420): - 11/29/2013 11:53:31 PM: Copying DATAPART1 (D:) 11/30/2013 1:22:33 AM: Snapshot stored, 115.9 MB 11/30/2013 1:22:49 AM: Comparing DATAPART1 (D:) 11/30/2013 2:36:42 AM: Execution completed successfully Completed: 607542 files, 510.7 GB Performance: 6563.2 MB/minute (6089.3 copy, 7117.1 compare) Duration: 02:43:11 (00:03:50 idle/loading/preparing)
  3. Has anyone tried this? IMO, bare metal restore should leave me a server that is working the same as it was when I did the backup. My guess is that it does not work too well, if at all, without the ofo add-on, in which case R should note that on marketing materials. But that is just a guess on my part, so I would appreciate corrections. QUESTION: The table http://retrospect.com/en/products/win/versions implies that single server Retrospect is capable of bare metal disaster recovery. If using Windows Server 2012, is the Open File Backup Option a prerequisite for this to work with the Single Server edition? RESPONSE RECEIVED: It is not prerequisite but it is recommended so that Retrospect can backup all open files on the system. Thank you for using Retrospect,The Retrospect Support Team
  4. Using Single Server 8.5 to back up a 2012 Win Server that is a basic file and print server. Used Retro for many years, but first time I have not had the open file option add-on package (no more exchange or sql at this site). I see LOTS of 1020 sharing violations for NTUSER.DAT and other files (mostly log files, but not all). If I someday try a bare metal restore of this server, will it fail because I can not use open file option? I am not worried about compare errors, but CAN'T READ NTUSER.DAT doesn't sound so good. Given that level of failure, is there any point to Retrospect for server backup of the C drive for me? Pity a semi-crippled ofo could not included that covered the basic files, but too tricky I guess. My workaround is Windows Backup to a usb disk and then let retro copy that to tape. I set that up already, once I saw these failures. Then I can do this sort of thing: http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles-tutorials/windows-server-2008/Restoring-Windows-Server-Bare-Metal.html Is Windows better at bare metal restore than the basic Retrospect server package? Am I am missing something?
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