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Problem with backup using source group


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I am using Retrospect Professional 7.5.251 with driver and hotfix version (the newest).


I have multiple source groups defined, but am only using one of the groups to do a normal backup. When I preview the backup (or actually run it), it picks up volumes from ALL defined source groups, not just the one group I have specified as the backup source. I am new to Retrospect, but this sounds like a pretty glaring bug to me (one that should have been caught before GA). I have scoured the documentation, and it appears that it should work the way I expect (only pick up volumes from the selected source group). Am I doing something wrong, or does this sound like a bug?




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Hi Waltr,


That works!


Actually, now that you mention it, it's pretty obvious - just not very intuitive.


I guess I don't understand why this container alias is added to a new group automatically. Kind of like, each group contains itself, as well as all other groups...


In any event, thanks much for your help!

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Hi Greg,


I have noticed that when you create a new source group you must right-click on an item in the volumes database to do so. When you create the group, whatever you have clicked on is automatically added to the group. You had probably right-clicked on the sourcegroups container and created a recursive group. As you said - not very intuitive.

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