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Seeking opinions on the value of upgrade to v7.5


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I currently operate Win XP home version with SP2. I have Retro Pro v7.0.344. I am a single computer user with no plans for expanding into a home network or multiple wireless connections. I have some critical files that I must not lose which is the reason I installed Retro to begin with and back up to an external removable HD.

After reading the description of the improvements in v 7.5 it sounds like they are oriented more towards networks and/or IS admins. It didn't sound like there was anything of significance for me, especially if I have to pay for the upgrade.

I would like opinion of others with knowledge of v 7.5 as to whether this is worth my money.

Any thoughts will be appreciated.


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Hi Shaftoe,


Stephenson fan, I presume?


In response to Nemo's post, many of the speed problems described related to backing up Windows clients have been resolved with the release of the 7.5.116 Windows client.


For a single home user I would not expect you to find any great advantage by upgrading to 7.5. The grooming fix is the primary thing you should be concerned with, and this was made available to 7.0 customers with the driver update.

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