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Assertion failure at elem.cpp-867


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I'm running 6.5.350 on Windows XP. Whenever I start Retrospect Multiserver up, it crashes with the assertation above. Then I run it again and it works okay. Sometimes it will crash while doing a backup with this same problem.


I've had this problem for a couple years, it seems. It got much much much worse with more backups on my previous Win2k system. So bad, that I tore down the entire machine, rebuilt it with WinXP, and then installed 6.5.350 clean, then re-entered all of my scripts. I thought the problem was fixed as it ran for a month without this problem. But now it is back.


I've sent in literally hundreds of dump reports for this problem. At least a couple other people have reported it in old forums posts. How can I get Dantz to fix this issue?



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