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Single Server - use Client agent for this?

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Single Server R7.0 (DR + OFS) on a single Win 2K3 std server in a small branch office.


I am used to multi-server in my main office (6.5) which comes with unlimited client licenses.


Apparently single server does NOT come with even a single client license. Am I NOT supposed to use the client s/w? Tape is connected to this server, so I don't NEED the client s/w, I am just used to using the client s/w and imagining some nightmare BillGatesEsque marketing scheme where Dantz sells me the single server software and then says OHHHH, you want to back that server up? shocked.gif


So, my question is... Is there any loss of functionality by not using the client s/w in this case?

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Single server has unlimited client licenses for workstation machines.

It can be installed on and back up one local server.

The base version of Single Server cannot back up a server OS over the network using Retrospect client.


If you want to back up another server machine over the network you will need a separate client license for that server.




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