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SuperAIT compatibility for Macintosh

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Whether you're using your real name or not... Love that screen ID tongue.gif


In addition to Nate's comments about media compatibility in OS X, you'll have SCSI compatibility depending on machine you're using. It came to the forefront for me because I'm considering a new desktop machine- a G5, PPC. The SCSI adapter issue is a big problem there.


To solve that may require an adapter from SCSI to Firewire unless you have one, expensive adapter that's proven and been tested with your combination of hardware and Retro. Even at that it's dicey. Apple has been sliding away from SCSI hardware support.


If you do get it to work, let us know about the machine and version of Retro as that would be a boon to us tape believers. What's the media cost looking like?

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The host machine is a rack-mounted G4 with a Dual channel ATTO SCSI-3 card. I plan to retain this with the S-AIT. Media prices are OK for UK but searching US website, I couold get them much cheaper. I've had a reply from dantz stating that the S-AIT format is compatable with mac OS X and Retrospect for Mac but I really wish to get clarification that this particular unit will function. If so it is a really good technology and I would spec them again for other clients who are getting close to 1Tb of live data.




PS: My screen-name always goes down well on web forums. Particularly the Mac ones. cool.gif

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