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Dual 2.5 G5 Internal Hitachi Drive

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I'm running Retrospect 6.0.204 with Driver 6.2.102 under OS 10.3.8 on a Dual 2.5GHz G5. The internal superdrive is listed in the Retrospect Device status window as





DRIVER: Hitachi-LG DVD RW (5.11)


I'm only getting about 15MB/min backing up to 8x DVD-R using either Phillips or Apple disc media. I think that is LESS than 1x speed, is it not? I get about 180MB/min using the Phillips media on the Pioneer 106D Superdrive in my older G5.


Retrospect hangs up when I try to run the Device Configuration on the Hitachi drive. I let Retrospect chug away for about 3 1/2 hours before force quitting.


In Retrospect's compatibility list, I see "HLDS GWA-4082B (Apple version)" listed as a qualified device. Is this what I have in my machine, or does the "HL-DT-ST" reported by Retrospect Device Status mean I have an entirely different drive? The "GWA-4082B" part of the model number correlates with my drive exactly, so it seems like it could be the same drive.


Is Dantz aware of any problems between Retrospect and the Hitachi drives that come with newer G5's?





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Hello Nate,


What does it really mean ?


- only OEM drive are concerned ?

- how do I know that the drive will support continuous writes ?


I do experience the same problem with an "Hitachi-LG DVD RW (5.12) with the last "PPC G5 Quad" since january 2006…


I already posted a link below:




Can I expect Apple to change the internal drive ??, because my supplier know that I'm using retrospect for Archives (DVD-R) and Backup (DAT)




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Apple's #1 priority is burning disks with disk burner or disk utility. They uses custom firmware so the drive will do that very well (and they do). Unfortunately the firmware doesn't always play nice with packet writing.


Your best bet is to buy an external drive that is listed on our compatibility list and supports all the media types you want to use.




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Thanks for your reply...


is it possible to update firmware instead ? (well for mac, I've no idea where to find it)


what should be the correct average speed of burning data on DVD with Retrospect Archiving anyway ?

I'm still doing DAT Backup of Archives DVD, but my DDS is getting old now (DDS3).

I don't want to spend again on something already "old" (blue ray disc are coming in a "short" future... no? or will they not be supported soon?)


Thank you if you have info for the firmware


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Hi, it's me again…


I've just though I had some good news.... I finally did the test today with other Media** as Foster said. I try some DVD+R DL 2.4x and it seems working well... The average rate was actually was 215 Mo/min (with compression) which is acceptabe for me (before it was 25 Mo/min !!!)


Noooooo ...after 5.0 Go Retrospect did a "206 error" message... saying that the media or head was bad etc. (the drive is new)… so I'm getting deseparate with these "/&ç)*8% DVD media.


What kind of media shoudl I use ?


I just don't understand why there such difference due to the media only. Does EMC/Dantz could make a kind of certification for media ? or some guidelines to help us choose a correct medi for correct drive ... I know know it sounds simple but... that could be a nice


** before I used the Apple DVD-R 4 Go used previoulsy for burning media working proprely with my "old" G5 for Retrsopect, the only media working before with the OEM Pionneer drive.


Any advice on media will be appreciate...




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