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  1. I see that the new Retrospect driver update includes support for the LaCie d2 DVDRW DL 16x U&I (ND-3540A version). What does the "U&I" refer to? Also, does anyone know where to purchase a LaCie drive that will definitely contain the "ND-3540A" mechanism? Even LaCie itself told me I could end up with an "ND-3520" mechanism if I order directly from them. Thanks, Doug
  2. Yeah I'm using an Adaptec 39160 with my Sony DAT drive. Retrospect seems to be working fine backing up and retreiving new data to the drive in OSX, but the older sets are problematic. I'm not sure what firmware I have on the Adaptec card, but I do see version 1.2 of the flash utilityon my hard drive. I have not installed the OSX beta driver. I also have not tried Retrospect 5 under OSX. I forgot, or was never aware, that Retrospect 5 would run under OSX. If anything, I vaguely remember it being problematic. Will Retrospect 5 run under Panthter?
  3. Retrospect 6.0.204 still has trouble restoring files from my older backup sets (~1995) with my Sony SDT DAT 10000 (version 0101, Driver Sony DAT DDS-DC (5.04)). I'm running Mac OS 10.3.8 on a G4 867. When I boot under System 9 and run Retrospect 5, I can restore files from these old backup sets just fine. In System 10.3.8, my DAT drive queue's up the tape and runs for a few seconds, then just stops. The "BUSY" LED on the fron tof the DAT drive turns off, and the Retrospect gear cursors spins endlessly. Doug
  4. Hi, I'm running Retrospect 6.0.204 with Driver 6.2.102 under OS 10.3.8 on a Dual 2.5GHz G5. The internal superdrive is listed in the Retrospect Device status window as VENDOR: HL-DT-ST PRODUCT: DVD-RW GWA-4082B VERSION: C039 DRIVER: Hitachi-LG DVD RW (5.11) I'm only getting about 15MB/min backing up to 8x DVD-R using either Phillips or Apple disc media. I think that is LESS than 1x speed, is it not? I get about 180MB/min using the Phillips media on the Pioneer 106D Superdrive in my older G5. Retrospect hangs up when I try to run the Device Configuration on the Hitachi drive. I let Retrospect chug away for about 3 1/2 hours before force quitting. In Retrospect's compatibility list, I see "HLDS GWA-4082B (Apple version)" listed as a qualified device. Is this what I have in my machine, or does the "HL-DT-ST" reported by Retrospect Device Status mean I have an entirely different drive? The "GWA-4082B" part of the model number correlates with my drive exactly, so it seems like it could be the same drive. Is Dantz aware of any problems between Retrospect and the Hitachi drives that come with newer G5's? Thanks, Doug
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