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Why does Linux client hang on particular files?

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I've got the Linux client installed on both the stable and untable versions of Linux. Whenever Retrospect attempts to backup any of the kernel module drivers, even if I'm not using them, it hangs.


Also, on one machine, I have apache running. I cannot get Retrospect server to complete without including an exclude for the apache executable.


Here is what is in my exclude files







With these excludes, my backups on my Linux machines complete. But I have no clue why this would be required.


Thanks for any tips,


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I'm using Debian stable and unstable. They both suffer from similar problems of hanging.




The client is 6.5.108




I've since found other files like the program "lynx" and the library "libgc.so.1.0.2" that it hangs on. I'm beginning to think it has something to do with the content of those files. Just happens to be the right series to muck it up.




I previously thought it might have something to do with the files being pointed to by symbolic links, but I used a filter to bypass that, and that didn't solve anything.




So what happens is when one of these files is hit, Retrospect Server sits there for a bit, then says "Retrying". This goes on for a long time before Retrospect Server gives up.




Strangely enough, the Linux client itself doesn't hang. If I terminate the backup job, I can go the Client list, open up the Linux box, press "Refresh", and get a connection no problem.




On the Linux side, I can find nothing in the Retrospect logfiles that indicates any sort of problem.








PS - It is behind a firewall, but I don't think that is related. I'm running differential backups, and those files mentioned above hang whether they are in the middle of a full backup, or the first file tried in a differential backup.

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