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Error 206

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I get error 206 messages when I write to a CD-RW or CD-R, even if I use new discs. LaCie says their 52X24X52X drive works OK with these discs and suggested I contact Dantz. Error 206 suggests that the media is bad, but I have tried several new discs with the same results.

Any suggestions?


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Device is connected with a Firewire cable. A wireless modem is on the desktop next to it. So far I have not been able to detect any interference.

Re your previous suggestion to go to configure>backup sets>configure>new media this only works for a CD-RW backup set. The new media option is not available for CD-R backup sets - it is grayed out.


While reading the knowledge base I came across a list of Retrospect Express versions and the MAC OS they are compatible with. http://kb.dantz.com/al/12/1/5896.html. It shows that Retrospect Express 5.1, which I have, is not compatible with OS 9.x. I have 9.2.1. Perhaps this is my problem, and if so, can I still get a copy of Retrospect 5.0?


Thanks again,


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Hello again,


Thank you for your patience and for verifying that my OS is compatible with Retrospect 5.1. My problem seems to be that very first backup to a CD-R. At that time the new media choice is greyed out and I can't find a way to select it.

After the backup set is used once however, the choice becomes available as you pointed out.

If I can get that first one to work I should be OK. Here is the procedure I have been following:


Insert new Verbatim DataLifePlus 1X-52X CD-R disk in LaCie 52x24x52 CD-RW drive.

Select Directory>Configure>Backup Sets>new

Backup set type: CD/DVD

Security: Secure

Enter new name for backup set, e.g. "TestSet"

Select "New"

Save Catalog Sets


Select Directory/Immediate/Backup and

Sources: Macintosh HD

Destination: TestSet

Selecting: All Files

Preview: Mark desired files for backup

Options: Normal, Verification, Data Compression

(Note that there is no option here for selecting new media)

Select Backup

The backup process runs part way and stops when the disk is ejected with error code 206 message.

Data is written on the disk and can be restored OK, but many of the marked files are not backed up.


What am I doing wrong?


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To put closure on this issue, the problem was just as the error message reported: "Trouble reading: . . . error 206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc.)


In my case the problem wasn't dirty heads or bad media, it was the drive lens. An eight dollar CD drive cleaner cleaned the drive lens and the result was no more error code 206s.


Case closed.


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