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"To" field memory in Outlook 2003 is erased


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Windows XP w/SP2

Using Retrospect Single Server, v 6.5.350


We use Proactive backup to backup all laptops in our organization once every 7 days. Retrospect notifies each user that backup is about to run and gives them a chance to defer. Users have noticed that if Retrospect runs while Outlook 2003 is open, the "To" field memory is erased. In other words, if I were to send an email to jondoe@xyz.com, outlook would remember the address and next time I created an email and started to enter an email address in the To field, if the address begins with a "j", outlook would remember that I had previously used jondoe@xyz.com and give me the opportunity to let it auto-complete. After Retrospect runs, that memory is gone and Outlook does not auto-complete. This is happening to our execs and they are not happy about it.


One work around is to close Outlook before the backup runs. But what if the user is not at his laptop to close Outlook before it begins. Then he's SOL.


Any ideas?

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Personally I am not a big fan of the close outlook option. It always seems to catch me right when I'm trying to get that last email out for the day...


If the option is on Retrospect should shut down, backup and restart outlook for you. Is that not happening?




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