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Magazine Swapping Powervault 120T

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R Ver = 5.6 on


Windows 98SE


Dell Powervault 120T DDS-4


Enough Data to swap magazines everyday










My experience indicated this next statement is true. If it is, it may be because our tapes have the same name in both magazines.




When we swap magazines, Retrospect does it's initial quick scan of the tapes. At this point it still sees the previous mag of tapes. We must right click and scan media to get it to see the proper tapes in the newly inserted mag. With each mag swap we need to go to Devices > Media Scan. This takes about 5 minutes with each swap.




Q. Is this by design or a flaw.




Q. Does this happen because the tapes have the same names in both magazines. We do this so we can use the same script everynight but swap mags every night also.






All insights appreciated.




John Lahovski









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