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Problems copying Filemaker Files


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I am a long time user of Dantz products on the Mac starting with Diskfit and have used Retrospect on the mac for many years with no problems. I have recently moved over to a Windows 2000 platform and am using a copy of Retrospect Express Version 4.2 that came with a Sony CD-R recorder.




I have set up a blank hard disk to save my Retrospect files and am doing an incremental backup of my entire C Drive every day.




The problem is I use the Claris Filemaker (.fp3) database a lot. When I do a backup and look at my Retrospect logs, I find that none of my Filemaker files are being copied into the Smartset. For all my filemaker files, I get an error message that says:




"can't read, error -2351 (File is encrypted)"




I don't have any of these files encrypted or even password protected. I also have the application closed when I start the backup so I know I don't ahve a sharing violation.




Can anybody shed any light on what I could try to solve this problem.




Best Regards,











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Is the database shut down each time you go to back it up? It might be more of an "open database" issue rather than encrypted issue. Make sure its shut down and then try to back it up. See if that solves the problem.




Retrospect can backup all open files except open databases or open PST files.

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