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Getting an autoloader to actually be automatic

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This is specific problem that I am having with the model of tape autoloader I'm using. Perhaps someone out there has the same one and has figured it out.




I have an Overland Data MiniLibraryXpress 15 tape autoloader. When a tape becomes full, Retrospect recognizes the fact, but doesn't load the next blank tape. It wants me to choose the next tape, load it, then click "Proceed" to continue.




I have Retrospect set to run unattended, and the autoloader's library mode is set to "Random" allowing the host machine software to control the robotics.




I tried setting the tape loader to "Sequential" mode, in that the loader itself will control the loading of tapes, but Retrospect seems to get confused. It waits for some communication that the next tape is ready, but never gets the message.




I have a feeling this is because of the model I am using. But if anyone has ideas, I'm all ears :-)







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I am having the same problem with my ADIC Faststor 7000. I have Retrospect 5.5.144 for Windows. For some reason it does not go to the next tape...I have to manually load the tape and click on proceed.









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Let me try this: I saw it on another post. The script that was run was part of the easy script that prompted to run the script now. I will wait and see if this will work tonight. Thanks.






An Immediate>Backup operation will not change tapes automatically.




All scheduled automatic backups should change tapes as needed.




Go to Configure>Devices and try using the "scan media" command. This will scan all the tapes if Retrospect is talking to the library correctly.

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