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I'm an absolute newbie to trying to make organised useful backups. I bought a Maxtor external drive which came bundled with Retrospect Express 5.6.132 which is now connected successfully to my Windows XP computer.


But I am just not understanding the Retrospect Help. Has anyone written any nice basic step by step tutorials in how to use this software? How to decide on a strategy perhaps?


I think what I want to do is very basic. I have two partitions on my Hard Drive that I want to back up nightly, my C and E drives. I want to make incremental backups to my Maxtor external drive and I don't want to overwrite them until it's full. Yet when I start the first stage there is the warning to ensure there is no important information on the drive I'm backing up to.


I'm probably being really dense here I know. doh.gif but the more I look at the help files the more confused I get, especially when I see 'scripting' but no description of what it means, what it does or how to do it.


Thanks in advance


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