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Sensible Backup Strategy


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I know every site has its own needs, but what would be a general sensible backup strategy for a SQL 2000 server?


I know there are Full Backups, that take care of ALL the database.


Then there's Differential, that I think is to be used daily because a daily Full Backup may take a lot of time.


As for Log Backup and Log Backup No Truncate, I understand they allow you to recover database transaction up to a certain point in time. There may be the need to restore teh database to a certain date, let's say, monday last week.


So maybe a Fulll Backup on Sundays, with daily differential backups, and...? Log? Log no truncate? There have been even suggestions as to backup logs every hour...


Any comment will be greatly appreciated.


Diego Zenizo

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In Retrospect the best policy is to syncronize the database backups with backup set rotations. I would do this:


Backup set change - Full Database backup

Recycle backup set - Full database backup

Normal backup to same backup set - Differential backup


Unfortunately I don't have a recommendation about the log truncation.




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