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dvd backup


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I'm new to this software-currently on trial version. I bought an Iomega DVD burner a few months ago, with the intention of using it for backup. I haven't used it yet...but now I've got some software and I wanted to try it.


It appears as thought Retrospect does not recognize my DVD burner. Actually it sees it under "Environment" but not "Status" (this is within the Storage Devices window).


Is there a way to get Retrospect to recognize this drive?

Is there a drive that is recommended to use?


Should/Could I just backup from one hard drive to another, then copy those files to a DVD? I imagine that would make searching much more difficult.


Thanks for any suggestions...

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Make sure to get the latest driver update from our website. This was released yesterday and wasn't included in the trial you downloaded.



If the drive still doesn't show up you can run the Retrospect drive configuration wizard from the configure->devices->environment window. This will also work with Dual Layer drives.


You can check our hardware guide for devices that support DVD DL media.




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