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Setting up Backup scripts & sets?

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After reading the docs & bbs I'm still a little unsure how to do the following:




1. Monthly Backup. Backup to a new tape each Tuesday of each new month. This tape would be used just during the first week of each month. This would use 12 tapes.




2. Weekly Backup. Roate between tapes, switching tapes every Tuesday execpt for the first Tueday of the month (see above). This would use 4 tapes although the most months use only 3. Week B, Week C, Week D, and Week E.




I read the post "Backup Script for different tapes" which explained the weekly backup. But I'm not sure about the rest. Being new to Retrospect I'm guessing I need two scripts.




TIA! Keith

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1) When creating your schedule of your script, you would use Repeating Interval and make it happen the 1st Tuesday of every month.




2) When doing a rotation like this, you have to remember that a Retrospect week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. This can result in confusion if you start on a Tuesday and run a backup of 7 days (rather then just 5).




The following tech note can be helpful:









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