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Retrospect Client v5.5 isn't working on W2K


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I have a W2K machine (2 NICs) running Retrospect client v5.5, the server is unable to backup this machine. If I do a port scan of both NICs I do not see any service bound to TCP/497, the UDP/497 port appears to be active. The client service is running, In the event log there are no errors or other indications as to why this is not working. I've tried removing/re-installing the client but to no effect.




Has any seen this before and/or have any suggestions?









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You may need to do a quick registry edit to tell the client what NIC to use. Here's text from a Knowledgebase article that lists some troubleshooting steps:




There are a few factors that may be preventing Retrospect from seeing PCs on your network. I'll go over them here, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch and we can help you configure your machines as needed. Note that only the Server Edition of Retrospect can see clients in other subnets.




1. The first thing to do is install the client on each client machine and restart, then open the client control panel. The status should be "Waiting for first access", or "Ready" if the client has ever been logged in. If this fails (for example, the client status might be "(network shut down)") then you need to troubleshoot basic TCP/IP network connectivity on the client.




2. The next thing to do is to try and access the client from Retrospect. If you're using Retrospect for Windows, go to Configure>Clients>Add and use the Test button. You can enter the DNS name, the WINS name, or the TCP/IP address. Possible responses are:


error -530 - This means that the host wasn't there (eg, ping failed).


error -541 - This means that the host is there (eg, ping succeeded) but


it's not a Retrospect Client.


Found client... with address, name & version displayed.




If your client has 2 NICS and each NIC has a single address, simply try each TCP/IP address. One should work, and the other should get an error -541.




3. Now it gets complicated. If step 2 succeeded and the client is at the right address, you're done. If step 2 succeeded and the client is at the wrong address, you should be able to edit the BindListener registry entry (see below) to set the address PROVIDED THAT a) The client is running Windows NT or 2000, and B) The address you want to set it to is a fixed (not DHCP) address.




BindListener Instructions:


You must be using NT/2000 and want to force the client to bind to a FIXED address.


1. Use the services control panel to halt the Retrospect Client service.


2. In Regedit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Dantz\Client\5.0


3. Change the BindListener value from "" to the desired address.


4. Start the client service, open the control panel & verify the status is Ready or Waiting for first access.




Best regards,




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support





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