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Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect and Error Type 1

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Configuration info:


4 Apple beige Server G3's @233mhz in 4 separate buildings, all configured the same.


OS 9.2.2, AppleshareIP 6.3.1, 384meg RAM, vMem off.


2 scsi-wide HD's, one for system & apps @ 4-gig (ID0) w/3-gig available, one for student data @ 17-gig (ID6) with 11-gig available, only 1.5-gig of which is local student data, and 4.5 is remote data (see below)


Running Retrospect 4.3 with driver update 2.5.101, allocated 12meg preferred RAM (4 meg min)




Retrospect configuration:


Each server set to normal internet backup nightly to one the other three servers in round-robin fashion, returning to original partner in week 3 to recycle back-up. Back-up consists of local student/staff data folders and the system preferences folder. Works fine.




Problem & troubleshooting:


With 3-gig free locally on system drive and internet back-ups completing with time to spare, decided to add a local nightly back-up as a single Macintosh file on the system drive. Worked fine during testing with extension set Mac OS 9.2.2 all, but crashed with type 1 error when switching to "My Settings" extension set. Dropped back to extension set Appleshare IP 6.3.1 All with Web, File, and Mail Servers active and was successful. Began adding additional extensions included in My Settings and discovered that Retrospect crashed with Type 1 error ONLY in the combination of: the extension "Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect (v7.0.2)" active AND the local Macintosh File back up executing. The issue occurrs regardless of which of the 2 drives is designated for the single Macintosh File, occurrs regardless of whether recycle or normal is used, regardless of the level setting in the Auto-Protect control panel (even 'off'), and can be reproduced at will on all four servers. The issue does NOT occurr with the internet back-up, even with Auto-Protect enabled and set at the highest level in the control panel. Disabling Auto-Protect extension results in a successfull back-up (recycle OR normal), subsequently re-enabling Auto-Protect results in a Retrospect crash, subsequently re-disabling Auto-Protect results in a Retrospect error "the catalog file is out of sync, use repair ...", running repair reports successfull, and back-up will then work fine ... as long as Auto-Protect remains disabled.




Of course, I would like to have *both* a Retrospect local back-up AND Norton's virus protection active at the same time :-)

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I see ... so even though everything works perfectly except this, since AppleshareIP was deemed a "legacy product" before 9.2.2 was released, and therefore is not *officially* supported on 9.2.2, and since the AppleshareIP that IS supported on 9.2.2 only came pre-packed on certain late model servers and is unavailable for purchase, you get to say "Unless you're willing to take all your servers down long enough to strip back their operating systems to 9.0.4 to prove the problem exists there, too, we don't have to discuss this"?




How very clever of you.

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