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PLEASE HELP-Retrospect 5.1.167 Not Seeing Windows 2000 Client


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After backing up two clients (an OS 9 client and a Windows 2000 client) successfully on my network under OS 9 for quite some time, I upgraded to Retrospect 5.1.167 for OS X. Now the Windows 2000 client cannot be found on the network. The OS 9 client has no problem being found. I can succesfully ping the Windows 2000 client from the OS X backup computer, and I can successfully ping the OS X backup computer from the Windows 2000 client.


Can you help me figure out why the Windows 2000 client isn't being found?




-Dave L

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If you go to configure -> clients does the windows machine show up? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the client? Were there any updates made to the windows machine? Can you try connecting the two machines directly with a crossover cable?




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