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Repeated Failures Trying to Recreate Snapshot


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This is driving me a little crazy, and could turn into a huge problem. I am trying to restore some specific files from an approx 21GB backup on a Pokectec External Disc Drive. I made the backup on a Windows XP Home Edition, wiped the drive and installed Windows XP Pro - I get an Assertion Error during the recreate catalog phase and then another error message saying there was a power failure.


Any ideas???


Dell P4 with Win XP Pro - Retrospect 6.5



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Thank you Nate for your response!


I moved the backup files to my internal drive and ended up with the same result. I have 1GB RAM - All of my bios and chipset drivers are up-to-date. The backup set is approx. 21GB and there are a series of files AA000000 - AA000034 - the snapshot gets to about 8.3 or 8.4 GB and then I get the error message.


Earlier I said this was driving me crazy. Now it's absolutely critical I be able to restore some of these files. I am a graphic designer and I have a logo that I need to "rescue" and use today. Any suggestions besides a gunshot to the head would be appreciated.


Thank you,



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