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Pre-Buy Questions - Retrospect 6.5 Pro


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Greetings! I have been using the Retrospect 6.5 demo version to backup my stand-alone Windows XP PC (non-server). Having liked what I have seen, I am preparing to buy, but have a few questions that someone can hopefully answer first:


1) Does the Backup Workstation Security Info option need to be checked to enable restoring NTFS file permissions on the local volume, or does this option apply to remote client backups only?


2) Retrospect apparently has its on scheduler/launcher service, but can a backup be scheduled via XP's Scheduled Tasks by creating a script, saving a run document, then launching the run document with the XP scheduler?


3) If I buy my retail version before the demo expires, can I just enter the new license code to make it fully licensed, or will I need to uninstall the demo and reinstall?


Thanks in advance for any advice/assistance offered.


G. Swift

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To answer your questions in order:


#1 To backup NTFS permissions on the local volume you need to have you need to have the box checked. You will notice that snapshot creation takes much more time this way. At one time I recall someone saying that this was not necessary but the time difference leads me to believe it is.


#2 Yes you can launch scripts this way


#3 yes, Just type in your new license code to the license manager. You will be able to use all of your scripts and settings as is.



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Thanks for the reply, Nate. FWIW, the question about NTSF file permissions was particularly important to me. I had to find and change some individual file permissions in the Windows directory to allow a restricted user account to run several applications (e.g. QuickTime); I don't want to go through that again if I ever need to restore!


Greg Swift

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