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What a joke - roff.sys....


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Your support says to use add/remove and remove the open file manager for this problem. Is this some joke? You can't even get into windows in safe mode if you get this BSOD at bootup.


Fortunately I have the tools to allow me to boot and edit files on NTFS.


You state that 6.5 solves the problem. It does not.

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You can't boot into Safe Mode with this error. Dantz has known about this problem for over 1.5 years now and not done anything about it.


I delete roff.sys via linux with NTFS support.


No open file filters or V2I installed.




Yet another company releasing a new version to make more money, without first fixing problems with existing versions.


There are also still problems with the scheduler service failing to launch.

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This is not a problem Dantz has known about of 1.5 years as you noted above. Dantz has a huge number of customers with ROFF.sys installed on systems with 512MB of RAM who do not run into this issue.


When you removed ROFF, did that fix the problem for you? I suspect that the ROFF.sys was conflicting with something on the computer (we just don't know what that was).


What version of Windows are you running?

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Yes it is a problem they have known about for 1.5 years! I called tech support back then the first time I installed retrospect 6.0 and this happened. They were aware of the problem at that time.


The 6.5 notes suggest that the problem had been resolved. It has not been.


Yes removing it resolved the problem. I don't use open file support but I imagine with roff.sys removed it would not work?


Retrospect has so many features that I could really benefit from it's just extremely frustrating that the EXACT 2 problems I found with 6.0 still exist in 6.5:


a) Ability to render systems unbootable (roff.sys)


B) The seeming such a simple expectation to have functional backup scheduling STILL is buggy.

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