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Backup media Too different?


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Well, I have Retrospect 5.15 running under WinME and a 27 member CD archive set. The first 20 members were Memorex CD-RW because my first three attempts at maintaining this archive were aborted and restarted at disk six or disk 8 etc due to "inconsistency" errors using CD-R media. After spending $70 for tech support to tell me that shouldn't have made a difference I started using Office Depot CD-R disks beginning with disk 21 and no problem.


In the meantime we've added a Windows 2000 workstation to our LAN and installed Retrospect 6.0xx. Now, I wanted to have Retrospect 6.0 on the Win2K become the backup server and the WinME machine become the client with each adding files to the archive set from their respective "Customer Jobs Folders."


So, I create scripts and start the backup/archive and Retrospect proceeds OK, scans the WinME source where there were no files to backup then moved on to the Win2K machine were it found 6 files, 156.7Mb to backup. Retrospect asks for disk 27 (an OfficeDepot CD-R) and proceeds to back up three files, 25.2Mb completed with three files, 131.5 Mb remaining at which point having filled up disk 27 it requests a new disk to be named disk 28. I insert a new blank FujiFilm CD-R (because I don't have anymore Office Depot CD-Rs) only to have it rejected with the "*Media Too Different" message.


Also, Easy CD Creator 5 Basic is jumping up and Retrospect shows the status of the blank Fuji CD-R in Plextor CD-RW as "erased" so is there a conflict there? If so, how do you stop it and maintain ability to burn data CD's?


All the CD-RWs (Memorex) and the CD-Rs Office Depot and FujiFilm are 700Mb 80 minute. The only references that came up in the Retrospect Knowledge Base for "Too Different Media" were for Macintosh and/or tape media.


So, Do I have to go buy more Office Depot CD-Rs to continue this set? Start over and buy enough of whatever brand of CD-Rs all from the same manufacture lot or batch to last into perpetuity of my Customer Job Archive?

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This is off topic a bit but I usually recommend keeping your CD backups to about 30 disks anyway. Any more than that and restores can be a really time consuming process. It may be a good time to start a new set with good quality media (like the Fuji you have).


You could turn off the "auto-insert notification" for the drive in the windows device manager by displaying the properties of the burner. That will keep other apps from trying to grab the disks when you change them.




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