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Need some advice: 8 tape lto2 autoloader

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I'm in need of some advice, I need not only detailed script help but also to wite a procedures document to provide to upper management. My goals are to have one tape set onsite at a time and have a total of two or possibly four sets, what ever is most secure. I want to have as much depth as I can, keeping practicallity in mind. I figure maybe 4 sets, 1 for each week, with the last day of a given month stored permanently. Does anyone have a best practices document for retrospect / data storage? I find backup very confusing, I know I shoulnd need to do full backups nightly but seem to be stuck in that rut. I want to impliment an intelligent system and not what I would call a brut force system.


Does this make any sense?


Thanks in advance and forgive any spelling errors please,

Frank in Tulsa confused.gif

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Check out the attached chart. Some of it is in Japanese (sorry) but it will give you an Idea of a good rotation strategy. The Red backups are full backups. They are scheduled on Fridays so they can run over the weekend if needed. All other backups are incrementals.




This setup works out like this:


4 sets


One set on site at a time


change media once a week


3 week minimum backup history


You could work a once a month "new media" backup into this to take a set off site permanently.







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