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Is the TDK indiDVD model 880N multi-format burner supported?


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I don't see the TDK indiDVD model 880N multi-format burner in the list of supported backup devices. Anyone know if this device is supported, and if so, with what media?


I see the 440 is supported for Windows - since the 880N is relatively new, I was wondering if any in house testing is being done, or if someone else has done some testing with it.


I currently own Retrospect 6.0 Pro, and have been using it with CDs for backup.. now that I have the DVD burner, I need to know if it will work with the 880N before I upgrade.


Many thanks!!!



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The Dantz hardware guide doesn't mention this drive so it hasn't been tested yet. Dantz is pretty quiet about what devices are being tested until a driver is actually released. Basically we don't want to say anything unless we are 100% sure it will work.


Any chance you can find out what drive mechanism is in that burner?



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Hey Nate,



I just bought a tdk 880N and I am having problems using it with retrospect6.5

I hooked it up via USB-2 and configured it as instructed, made a backup and got hundreds of 206 errors (read errors) when verifying.


I then hooked it up as firewire, downloaded the latest rdi from your site and reconfigured it.

Then I tried backing up all over again, same problem, verify fails with hundreds of 206 errors!


Can you tell me what the problem is?

Also, I'd feel alot better if I knew if/when this drive is going to be supported.





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