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Second posting: Backup strategies for CD-RW


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I posted this message yesterday, logged on today and was surprised to find it unanswered, as other users have had their questions answered in the meantime. As it might have 'slipped through the cracks,' I thought I'd try re-posting it.


When I write that I downloaded Retrospect, I mean that I purchased it online from your web site. My question may seem simple to an experienced user, but for me, it's genuine. I spent most of Saturday morning creating a back-up set that I won't be able to add to, as I didn't configure the back-up properly.


Please help! I look forward to a response.




Backup strategies for new user with CD-RW

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I have some new user questions re configuring a back-up set for a CD-RW drive with Retrospect Pro 6.5, which I just downloaded over the weekend. I'll be using CD-Rs for my back-ups.


I'll try to keep this simple.


I want the software to back up everything in some directories, but not others ... for instance:



\Program Files\program1\data

\Documents and Settings


After I do the first, big back-up, I want the software to perform only incremental back ups when I run it again ... e.g., back-ups only of files that have the archive bit set.


This is how I think I can get Retrospect to do what I want:



  1. For 'Source Selection,' click the names of the directories I want backed up. Using the example above, I'd select source volumes:



    \Program Files\program1\data

    \Documents and Settings



  2. For Destination, pick a Backup Set



  3. Leave 'Selecting' alone for the first back-up. When it's time to do incrementals, use Selecting to exclude files that don't have the archive bit set.



If I want to make a separate copy of my back-up on new media, I can choose a different Backup Set name.


Does this strategy sound like I've figured out how to configure the software? Or am I missing something? Backing up to CD-Rs isn't exactly speedy, and I'd just as soon not do the whole thing again if I can help it.


Thank you.

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We do the best we can to get to everyones posts. However the volume makes it tough to get to everyone especially in 24 hours.


To answer your questions in order:

Creating a custom selector will allow you to include and exclude files from your backup at will. This can be done from the configure->selectors menu in Retrospect.


All Retrospect backups are incremental (including the first "full" backup). When a backup runs Retrospect checks what is on the disk and then what is already in the backup set. A new set is empty so everything gets copied. After that only new and changed files are added.


Retrospect doesn't use the archive bit for anything so you can ignore it completely if you like.


Using a selector will eliminate the need for you to pick indivudual folders to backup (although you can do it that way too)


Making a new media backup set is a good way to keep another backup set. You can also copy sets using the transfer feature.


I think you have a pretty good handle on this. A clear idea of what you want to backup is a great start and it seems that you understand how backup sets work.


good luck!


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