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nt passthrough vs. ASPI?

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I've been reading the forums and I'm trying to figure out if there is

any advantage in using ASPI vs. NT Passthrough. Right now we

have an ADIC Scalar 100 LTO library. It is connected to a Windows

2000 SP4 computer via an Adaptec 29160 SCSI card.


The scalar 100 supports up to 6 lto drives. We have 3 of them



Retrospect works great when the system is configured with a single

drive. When more than one drive is hooked up retrospect will work

for a while but then eventually the system gets some SCSI errors and

the tape drive dies.


I've tried swapping drives, cables, etc. to no avail. Using the library

with a single drive seems to be the only reliable fix. This is less than

optimal since we'd like to make full usage of this beast.


Our system is set up for NT passthrough. I'm reading some stuff that

suggests there is also an ASPI layer option. Is one preferable to

the other? Should I try running this stuff over ASPI? is that likely to

change anything?


Any ideas would be appreciated.






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