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530 error


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I have 3 pc's all running xp pro sp1 all updates. The backup PC is backing up every night at 10pm. It finds the client on PC2 and backs it up with no problem every day. Sometimes it finds the client on PC1 most of the time it doesn't. The error I am getting is:

"Can't access volume IBM_PRELOAD (C:) on PC1, error -530 (backup client not found)"

When I run a manual backup (not scheduled) it finds PC1 and backs up just fine. I run it manually every time it fails the automatic schedule. I am running ZoneAlarm on all PC's. I have opened up Port UDP 467 incoming and outgoing on all three PC's. If it was a problem with the firewalls wouldn't be a problem during a manual backup also? What could cause this to happen only during a scheduled backup?


Running Retrospect 6.0.206 and client 6.0.206

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If you set your easy script to run 5 minutes from now and close Retrospect do you still get the error? Does the firewall software throw up any messages when you run this backup? Make sure power settings are not putting the client computer to sleep.




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