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Tandberg DLT 180/80 80GB on MAC 5.6 but only 70GB on PC 6.5???

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i switched from Retro 5.6 Mac to PC 6.5 everythign is fine (more or less) but i found out that a dlt tape on the pc side can only filled up with 70gb from the same backup client disk.

in other word on mac after 80gb are backed up retrospect tells me to change the drive and on my pc it tells me after 70gb to change the tape.


is this normal???

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This isn't suprizing. Retrospect writes to the physical end of the tape on both OSes however the way the OS sends the data to tape may be totally different. You can try creating a new backup set and turning hardware compression off. Then turn software compression on in your backup script options.




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