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Backup issues with Retrospect 5.x on OS9, G4 (1 GB Ram)

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I am having issues with the retrospect software and/or the tape backups I use to backup my server. I am just running the desktop version (I believe). Bare with me because I stepped into somebody else's position about 3 weeks ago. Anyway I am constantly getting this message from one of the 4 servers I am running.


> File "[file name]": miscompare data @ offset #, path:

> File "[file name]": different modification data/time...

> File "[file name]": different data size...


Also I come in in the morning and I see the tape has been ejected.


My gut reaction is that the tape is full, though this is disheartening because I still have 2 more full days of backing up that I should be doing before I change the tape. If the tape is full, why am I getting these error messages that have nothing to do with the capacity of the tapes?


I've read a good portion of the manual, and it said that I should not worry about the second error too much but that the first error can be a problem. I do not think it is a physical connection issue because it runs smoothly for about 3 days and then craps out.


Sorry for this terribly long message, but i have a lot of confusions right now, and i thought it would be best to get them all (nay, mostly) out. Thank you.

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You are right about the errors. They are likely not a problem.


There is an eject on quit feature that may be causing the tape to be ejected. To check if there is free space on a member of a backup set go to configure->backup sets->(pick one)->configure and look at the general tab. If it says "Appending requires another member" you know the tape is full.



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