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Can I read a Retrospect MAC DLT Tape III ? URGENT


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Hi all,


I've received a DLT Tape that has been recorded with Retrospect for MAC.

The tape contains several MPEG2 files (.m2v), .wav, .ac3 and a lot of .psd.

It's a backup from a DVD creator session.

It has the files and the project, but it's NOT an authoring tape.


I work Windows.

I need to get the video, audio and Photoshop files.

I will not use the Creator project because I work wwith Scenarist.



Does Retrospect for Windows read files recorded in a Mac machine?

I believe so, but I'm afraid of buying the soft and in the end doesn't work.


Any hint is VERY welcome.




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I am not an expert by any means, but I have worked in a mixed platform shop. One of the reasons might be, that the Mac file system writes a resource Fork (.frk) with the regular file name.extension. so if you try to restore it back to an NTFS or FAT32 file system, that's where the problem rises.


Most newer software versions can do cross platform file saves. but again, if it's going to be a backup, tape software might not be the answer. From the mention of DLT, I would gather that these files are quite large. Perhaps the use of a DVD burner, that allows CDFS or ISO type filesystems which can be read on either system may be the answer (probably not the one you are looking for).


I've used several Magneto Optical Devices (Fujitsu DynaMO), and Cartridge based systems like Syquest, Jazz, Zip or even USB/Firewire Hard disks with reasonable success with cross platforms. If the files are smaller, I've used FTP directly to transfer files back and fourth, because FTP is platform independant (LINUX/MAC/WINDOWS) computer.gif

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