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5.1 hanging at application launch

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Just bought a Quantum SDLT320, replacing out an Exabyte M2 drive on our file server. This is on an ASIP 6.3 server (beige G3) running 9.1. The SDLT is hooked to the server via an Adaptec 2940U2W and is the only device on the external chain. There are two hard drives on the internal chain, one connected via narrow 50-pin, one connected via LVD. Basically, only one SCSI device per interface connector.


Previously, this setup was quite stable using Retrospect 4.3 and the Exabyte M2 drive. However, I'm suffering a myriad of problems with 5.1 and the SDLT.


[1] When Appleshare is active, Retrospect hangs when I launch the app. Not good! I can throw out the Config file and reenter the serial number and it will work, but if the config file exists, it hangs. Doesn't seem to matter if I let it create a fresh config or import from the old 4.3 config, it still hangs. I can also shut down filesharing, but this is obviously not really an option on a production fileserver...


I've tried numerous fixes.

- Changed RAM allocation (currently 80mb).

- Set Retrospect to disallow system memory use (and then unset)

- Changed Appleshare max memory allowance

- Reset all Appleshare volumes by deleting PDS files and recreating shares. (This seemed to work for exactly one launch.)

- Upgraded Carbon Lib to 1.6

- Upgraded Quicktime to 6.0 from 4.2


[2] One other question occurs to me. Is there a way to get Retrospect *not* to require Quicktime components when launching? I usually do archives with the fileserver rebooted (on a weekend) with all extensions disabled to insure a stable platform while archiving. Currently, 5.1 displays a dialog that says something like "Some components could not be found" if you try and run it with extensions off.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have to suffer through about one more month with this poor beast--eagerly waiting for the dual G5 XServes, but life must go on until then!

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Jooooy.... I finally found the lovely note that says that no version of Retrospect beyond 4.3 supports Appleshare IP. It would have been nice if the guys on the phone had told me that when I described my plans to them and asked what version of Restrospect I needed to purchase! frown.gif


However, that still leaves question 2, which becomes even more important now! Is there a way to boot Retrospect 5 in OS 9 with extensions off? Or, can you tell me exactly which extensions are required for it to boot?


Thanks in advance,


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Is that it then? We upgrade to 5.1.175 and now find that 50% of the time Retrospect hangs on launch and we have to restart the server. Our config. is G3 Server running system 9.2.2, Appleshare IP 6.3. We upgraded so that we could back-up macs with OS X. So, are Dantz saying that everything has got to be OS X or what?

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