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error message 2273

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I am very new at the the program. I run Retrospect 6.5 on Windows Server 2003.


I made a backup last night and I got the following error message:


TSessInfocryrub.gifMessageBufferSend: UNetMessageBufferSend failed, winerr 2273, error -1001

MapError: unknown Windows error 2.273


I have looked at the website and did not found the errormessage.


Hope that someone can help me with the error!


Thank you very much!



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Was there a red mark to the left of this error in the log? If not then you are safe to ignore it. Sometimes extra logging slips through the filters in Retrospect. There is actually a ton of logging that is supressed by default becuase it does not affect the backup at all. I suspect that is whats happening here.



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