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One solitary OSX client not working

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Hi, I'm using Retrospect Single Server backup 6.5 on a Windows NT 4.0 computer. I am using it to backup a room full of computers, mainly Macs. I have successfully setup the entire nework, apart from one single OSX (10.2.8) G5 computer. It is on the same network as all of the other computers, which are working fine.


I have installed the client software (5.1.109) on this rogue computer, and it seems to be working. When I open it up, it says "waiting for first access".


When I try and add the client to the Retrospect client list, the computer appears in the list of available clients, but when I try and connect, I get a "can't connect, backup client not found (-530)" error. Of course, if the client wasn't found, it wouldn't appear in the list of available clients would it?


I have uninstalled & re-installed the client software and I have repaired OSX permissions. I have tried connecting using the Multicast & Direct method. No matter what I try, I can't seem to get it to work. This computer is identical in every way to the computer right next to it, which connects no problems.


Has anyone any suggestions or possible solutions?




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