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Can't backup SQL DB's


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I have not been able to backup the databases in our SQL 2000 server. I get this error for each database:

Trouble reading files, error -2147221164 (unknown)


I don't find this error listed anywhere in the forums or FAQ's. I have a retrospect user, who is an administrator, on the SQL server. In Retrospect, I can browse the databases just fine. I have manually tried a full backup. I can preview the data in the manual backup fine. Just get this same error every time.

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>Are you able to use the SQL backup tools built into SQL Admin without getting any errors?




>Google the error 2147221164


>You will see some general SQL errors for that error code.


I did. Seems to be several suggestions, from JET to COM to ADSI to Office reinstall. There was a JET update available, which I installed, registered the DLL, no help. The SQL log shows the retrospect user logging in as a trusted user. We are running Project client on the server too, for remote access.

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