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Custom config problem solved - tell Tech Support


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My problem was that R 6.5 would not custom configure my LiteOn 411s with DVD+RW, and it also messed up my media. The details are in another thread. (I was eventually able to save the media by doing a full erase using Nero 6.) I talked with Dantz Tech Support. They had no fix, said unless they could test my drive type and create a supported configuration it was probably hopeless.


The solution came from DavidW, an expert on the CDFreaks.com forums. He looked at a Nero Info printout of my drive and said I should try removing the ASPI drivers as they were not necessary. Then I noticed a posting here by NATEW:


In Retrospect open the configure-Devices-Environment window and see if it says "devices visible using NT passthrough." If it says "ASPI" instead type ctrl + ALT + P + P at any screen in Retrospect. Then tick the "use NT passthrough" box under the execution heading.



That's all it took. I didn't need to uninstall ASPI, just have Retrospect ignore it. The custom config worked perfectly. Then I did a 2.5GB backup/verify in 20 minutes. On my DAT DDS tape drive the same backup takes 6 hours, not including the time to change tapes!


There may be other systems and drives where the solution is this simple. Dantz tech support didn't know about this, but they should. The LiteOn is a very popular drive, and lots of systems have ASPI installed.

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