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open files, apps, initial backup of Windows 2000 Pro ?


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Hi Folks:


I have Retrospect Pro version 6.5.343 on Windows 2000 Pro. I am preparing to launch the first complete backup to a USB 2.0 drive and create a Disaster Recovery CD. I have searched the forums, FAQs, and README file




It seems to me that the issue of Open File Backup is related to Windows Servers with a retrospect add-on for Open File Backup. If correct, these do not apply to my situation.


My primary concern / question is -- should I shut down as much software as possible before launching this backup to ensure a complete backup and best recovery scenario?


Thank you,

Wayne Scott

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Yes! Shut down as much as you can but don't worry about it too much. Any non-system files that are in use will give an error in the Retrospect operations log. After the backup verify if those are critical files you would need to restore and proceed from there.


In many cases you can ignore the errors that occur on temp and cache files.



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