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Scripted Duplicate from Windows Server 6.5 to Mac OS Client 5.1.157 Deferred

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I am trying to set up a scripted duplicate on a Retrospect Server 6.5 for Windows that duplicates a directory structure from a Windows network share to an external FireWire hard drive connected to a Macintosh running Retrospect Client software.


The duplicate works without problems when I set it for Immediate Execution. As soon as I set up a scheduled duplicate using a script, the job doesn't run and the server lists the job as "Deferred".


Here is the configuration of the systems involved:


File Source



Windows file share on a Windows 2000 Server, SP4


Retrospect Server



Dantz Retrospect Server 6.5, Single-Server, Version 6.5.319

OS: Windows NT 4.0 Server, SP 6a


Retrospect Client



Dantz Retrospect Client 5.1.157 for Mac OS 9.x

OS: Macintosh OS 9.2.2


Any help/ideas would be appreciated.



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Make sure you set up retrospect to run as the administrator of the local machine where Retrospect is installed. You can also use a domain admin account if applicable. You can set this from the sercurity prefernce in Retrospect.




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