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Backup set problems

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Hi there,


Dantz Retrospect Single Server 6.5 - writing to AIT2 (120gb) tape drive.

I am having a few problems setting up a scheduled script (5 in fact), 1 for each weekday.


I have 5 backups sets and the files are backed up to here each day (monday - monday backup set etc.). They are written to AIT2 tape.


The problem i am having is that we only have 5 tapes, so we rotate them weekly. The first week went fine - creating the media - 1-Monday Backup Set etc. But after the 1st week, it wants to write to "erased" media or 2-Monday Backup Set. But we only have 5 tapes, so each backup set has only 1 member.


How can i set it up so that Retrospect isnt trying to create new members, or to perhaps erase the media before each backup????


In desperate need of help, i am having this problem with several servers - i am new to retrospect and the way it works so apologies for appearing nieve


Thanks in advance



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Hi Fawke-


Set your script schedule to run Recycle Backups - not Normal Backups. Also, make sure you go to Configure > Preferences > Media > Erasure and make sure the option to "Automatically reuse named media" is checked.



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