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disk full and recycle backup and format for NTFS


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I have a Maxtor 5000 with Retro-Express. First there was an error with regular backup, and I performed a recycle backup. The program posted an error as "disk full". I looked at the external hard drive with My Documents, and found the rather large file "Backup of C." I suppose I could erase it and restart a recycle backup. Isn't there a better way to do this?


The file size of the "Backup of C" was around 4GB. Is the file size causing the disk to crash? Should I use NTFS instead of FAT32?





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A couble things to be aware of here:


First - formatting the maxtor drive as NTFS is a very good idea. Othewise your backups will be limited to 4GB.


Second - your backup file is not on your maxtor drive, it is saved in you my documents folder. After you reformat the maxtor, move the file over to the maxtor and then double click on it. You should also run a catalog rebuild from the tools menu in Retrospect.



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Dear Nate,


I reformatted the Maxtor drive to NTFS and now Retrospect reports that it cannot find the media. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software and it appears to be happy. When reinstalling the software asked for the type of media. I chose removable. I tried using the device manager to perhaps reset the type of media but it won't work. The basic message is media not found. Is there an easier way to specify media than through install? I believe that's the problem, otherwise everything seems OK. Thanks for your help and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Spencer Prue

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