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Is this Lacie device compatible? (not listed)

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Hi support group. I own retrospect 5.1 for Mac. My CDRW died, and I'm looking to purchace a new drive, which is not listed anywhere on your drive listings as far as I can see. It's a LaCie "pocket CDRW", which has a product number of 300647. I know there is a DVD pocket drive as well.


I have already submitted a information request a few days back about this, without response. Can anyone tell me if this device is compatible before I buy it?




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Any chance Lacie could tell you the make and model of the drive mechanism that is in the drive? That way we could tell you for sure.


You may want to call Lacie and ask if the drive works with Retrospect. I know Retrospect comes bundled with a number of drives that they sell.



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You can find out the machanism in Apple System Profiler. Make sure that when you check the Dantz compatibility matrix that you look at the correct OS



With CDRs, La Cie will no longer guarantee what mechanism is in a drive they sell


The reason is that mechanisms change regularly and what they install depends on what mechanisms are in stock at the time


This, unfortunately, makes La Cie CDRs useless with Retrospect unless you're willing to buy a drive on a lottery basis

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