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Slooowww backup to dvd


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I have a USB2 Plextor 708UF dvd writer and have been trying to dump my machine with the trial version of Retrospect 6.5 before deciding if I should upgrade from version 5. I have upgraded the Firmware for the drive to the latest version and I'm running on Windows XP Pro with 1Gb memory.


The dump source is only 4.9Gb but it has taken 15 hours to write the 2 dvd's and it has still not finished the verification. I had to turn the write speed down to Medium to get it to complete the dump (it was hanging or complaining about media) but it is still very slow. At this speed it's not really unusable.


Does anyone have any idea why it's so slow? I have always been happy with Retrospect but I need software that will work well with this drive.







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