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DVD RW question - adding types

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I have a DVD +/- RW so I can write to just about anything. The unit was not on the list of automatically configured units so I had to do a custom config and allow Retro to test all the media types I had. On hand I had:







They all passed and were configured.


Now I have a bunch of DVD +R and DVD +RW disks that I also would like to write to as well. Is there a way I can get Retro to go through the test process for just these new media types or do I have to go through the configuration for all the types again.

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The unfortunate news is you will have to do them all again. You could try this:

Save your current RDI file somewhere on the disk for safekeeping, then create your new driver using the +R +RW media. If you ever decide to move back to -r,-rw,cdR,RW media you can just drop in your old driver. The driver is located at c:\documents and settings\all users\application data (hidden)\Retrospect



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