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Client causes 99% cpu utilization


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After a couple of days the retroclient.exe on my laptop will begin taking 99% of the cpu. I haven't nailed it down exactly, but it could be after the laptop comes out of standby. It is never off the network when this happens. I have it scheduled to backup only once a week so it's not associated with trying to complete a backup.


In general everything is working. Backups work as expected, the client shows up correctly on the central system etc.


The version of Retrospect is Professional 6.5.336. The client version is 6.5.131. All systems are WinXP Pro. The laptop is about 1 year old.


I have one other client that is a desktop system. It is working correctly and does not have this problem. It does not go into standby.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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I posted about this same problem in another thread very recently (look for "client with no server uses 98% of CPU"). I thought it had to do with the server not being available.


Unfortunately, Dantz does not appear to care about serious problems reported on this board. Like most such problems I've seen posted here recently, there's been no Dantz response at all.



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