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Basic Question: Disk rotation possible in daily script?

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I'm using Retrospect 6.0 MultiServer for Windows with a FireWire hot-swap hard drive. I have 6 hot-swap drive trays available.


Current Scenario:

One backup set for each day of the week, with 2 backup sets for Friday (Friday A and Friday B), and recycle backup every day. Very inefficient, but satisfactory until now.


Desired Solution:

An individual backup drive for each day with alternating Friday full backups being kept off-site. The daily Monday-Thurs backup would be incremental (normal) and use the Friday full backup as it's basis.


I'd like to use a different drive for each day, so that the backup process is kept as automated as possible. I.e. I don't want to have to monitor a drive as it fills up in order to switch it out.


Amazingly, how to do this seemingly simple task is eluding me right now.


I have a couple of ideas on how to piece something together, but nothing I'm thinking of seems simple or elegant, so I thought I'd throw it to the community for help.

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Alright, since I haven't gotten any responses, let's see if anyone has any ideas on this:


In order to allow a new disk to be used each day, can I add 4 backup sets to one script? I.E. have the Daily Backup script write to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday? When the script runs the incremental backup, it should use the backup set that's in the drive right? Will this affect the cataloging in any negative way or affect how easily I can recover files?

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Yes you can add all of your sets to 1 script and handle the rotation in your schedule for that script. It would go like this:


Create a new Day of week schedule

Click the monday box only

Leave the weeks box at 1

Normal backup

Select the monday backup set.


Repeat this for all the days and you will be all set.

For your Fridays put "2" in the weeks box (every other week) and offset the start date of 1 on the schedules by one week.


What you are trying to do works well with Retrospect.



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