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Retrospect 6.5 not loading tapes during a Scan Media operation


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I've got a significant problem with my tapesets here - it appears that after I loaded in an old tapeset into my Exabyte 1x10 Autoloader drive (for a restore), I loaded my current tapeset in, and when I tell Retrospect to scan the library media, it cycles through the tape slots and won't load in a tape to scan.


I checked the message board & saw that if I move the files \Program Files\Dantz\Retrospect\config65.dat and config65.bak to a different/safe locale, I can run Retrospect, reenter the license key, and run a scan to observe that now the tapeset gets loaded. But where do I go from here? This does me no good if I need to redo my client settings and scripts from scratch now. Any suggestions?



Dan Gapinski

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First, make sure the windows drivers for the loader and the tape drive are disabled (not uninstalled) in the device manager.


You can clear the loader table in Retrospect by holding down the shift key and pressing eject all.


Another likely cause is SCSI drivers. What SCSI card do you have? Are there any updates available?




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