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Dual CPU with Mutli-Server


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We have a multi-server 6.5 installation and are looking fro a little more horsepower from the backup - chews up our Athlon 500 using three execution units smile.gif.


We have a dual-CPU Compaq server around that could be used as a new backup server (Dual 600 P3, 1 GB RAM, etc).


I have seen applications run mutli-threaded inside the program, but appeared as a single process to the OS, thus gaining nothing from having the second CPU. Does 6.5 Multi-server take advantage of the extra CPU, or does it depend on the OS to make use of the other processor? Or would I be better off just using a old desktop computer (1Ghz P3) to run the server?


Any help would be appreciated.




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hm...are you sure that 1GHz is enough? I'm running up to three jobs at the time and backup to IDE RAID10 and Firewire drives using 1Gbit NIC and my CPU is at 99% when network utilization reaches 12% of 1Gb. My setup is 2.8GHz P4 with 1GB of ram on i865 chipset.




Btw, Does anyone post higher throughput than 120Mbit/s while backing up?







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I haven't seen anything that specifically states that Retrospect takes advantage of dual processors so my hunch is no. Best to try and see though.



This isn't a very good comparison but I get around 200-300MB/min in my setup with one execution. BU server is PIII 600, 100Mbit backing up to firewire disk with compression on. Client is celeron 1.8 G also 100Mbit.


The CPU is pegged of course but it goes pretty well.


What do you get with a single execution? Are there a lot of small files in the backup?




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I have a Compaq with dual P3 733s, 2 GB Ram, and a gigabit fiber NIC.

I was running 4 streams and the CPUs would max out.


I moved it to a brand new Compaq with 4 2.8 GHz Xeons. It still pegs the CPUs. Retrospect running more than 2 streams is just a dog. It doesn't seem to matter what kind of hardware you throw at it.


So I have split the 4 streams up between the 2 servers.



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