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1 of 4 clients responds but cannot configure


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Can anyone help with this:


I have a small network of 5 Macs all running Panther 10.3.2. Retrospect 6.0 (and before that 5.1) runs great and backups run fine on all but one client.


That OS X client appears in the Backup Client Database and shows as Responding in the Backup Clients on Network window. When I select the client and click Configure, the Client Configuration window pops up fine, but when I click Configure, the wheel spins and eventually I get the Net Retry dialog and eventually the message - Could not connect with the client.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the client software twice, repaired the disk permissions, checked the network settings (built in Ethernet is the first port on the list), clicked the Test button (in 6.0) and get the Found a backup client message. I know the 100BaseT network connection (hardware) is fine as I can control the client using Timbuktu. The OS X firewall on the client is off, as is sharing and the Retrospect Client software is "on" on the client.


Curiously, during client start-up, there's a brief period during which I can click Configure and access the client from the backup machine, but once start-up is complete, access (beyond recognition of a connection) is lost. I checked that the process is running in Activity Monitor, which it is. I've run out of ideas.


Any help would be appreciated.




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Are you having trouble with just one machine?

Has it always been this way? If you have an old 10 megabit hub handy you might want to try plugging the problem mac in there.I had a similar problem with my WallStreet Powerbook:




If you install Retrospect on another machine and try to log in the client do you get the same error?



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